Judge Pirro Mocks Pelosi: “The public humiliation of Nancy Pelosi is an embarrassment to watch”

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Saturday during her “Opening Argument” Fox News Channel’s Jeanine Pirro embarrassed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

She hit Pelosi where it hurts and said she was being publicly humiliated in her handling of the impeachment, especially since she caved to Mitch McConnell.

Pirro went on to say it was embarrassing watching Pelosi and the hapless Democrats bungle their way through this impeachment.

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As Jonathan Turley continues to ask – why don’t the Democrats try to compel witnesses to testify through the courts like normal politicians? Why must they rush this show trial through?

As Pirro explains it is because they know they have a weak case.

“The public humiliation of Nancy Pelosi and her democrat caucus of sycophants who dare not oppose her, is actually an embarrassment to watch” she started.

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“In the end Nancy, your investigation was a partisan political joke on how to manipulate the truth, and then have everybody swear to it,” Pirro said.

“And after all the rushing, what did your dithering gain in your unprecedented refusal to forward the articles of impeachment to the Senate? Did you gain a political advantage?”

“What did you get out of waiting, other than losing votes to the Republican Party?”

“Admit it. You caved after Mitch McConnell gave you a deadline to either send over the articles of impeachment or simply watch the Senate move forward without them. That’s right, Nancy. You simply caved.”

Then Judge Pirro added the dagger: That’s what happens when there’s no case. Who said you were smart anyway?”

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